The power of the People

The sun, grass, maybe even concrete. What do you see when you look out your own window? Do you see the cancer? The diabetes? The heart attacks that are affecting Americans everyday of the year? No. Of course you don’t. You’re not a doctor and it’s not your job. Everyday someone is dying from a health-related disease. There is information everywhere on what we can do to stop these diseases from arising, but how exactly can we stop what has already been going on for years? The problem is there is information but people don’t use it. There’s information but people don’t listen. There’s information but a lot of the information cannot be trusted, and the biggest issue is the non-self control that we have the freedom to express.

Take big companies for instance, big soda companies. There are smaller companies with scientists, and even the famous companies have scientists that do research on their products.

Soda lie #1

When we hear about a product we are supposed to hear the whole truth right? And for us who want to watch our health, the healthy facts are something that is completely important to us. What if I told you that you never got the whole truth and that some of the information was altered? What if I told you that if a company uses 2% or less of an ingredient they don’t have to list it? What if I told you that it was all your fault?


Yes, it’s all your fault. It’s your families’ fault. It’s your friends’ fault. It’s everyone’s fault. Now, before you get upset read further. Sure the government regulates what goes out and the companies get away with sneaking things into food… but could a company work out if it had no customers? You as a consumer cast your vote every single time you buy an item. If you buy oreos, you’re casting a vote to keep oreos on the market. The people of America do not how how much power they actually hold when it comes to what we eat and how we are feeding the economy. It’s the peoples’ choice to eat unhealthy food.

“The finding that after New Year’s purchasing of healthy items increased and relatively less-healthy items remained the same as during the holiday period suggests that even though many people make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier or lose weight, consumers are making purchasing decisions that only partly support these goals,”-Researchers

I’m not saying that the fault is entirely the consumers. But we make up the majority, almost all of the profit for big companies. The fact that we make resolutions to eat healthy and buy unhealthy foods tells me that we are willingly hurting our health, and that it’s hypocritical because we want to balme the ocmpanies and big food companies for our health issues. It is understood that there are several underlying factors as to why people by unhealthy food. When people buy unhealthy food and healthy food at the same time, what happens is when you buy healthy food your brain senses that it needs a reward for meeting a goal. So you reward yourself with unhealthy desires. Another underlying factor is money. Many families don’t have the money to buy healthy food that comes in small portions with bigger prices. But what we actually don’t know is that those are the correct portion sizes as well.

American food portions
The first plate is a plate of food from an American restaurant. The second is a plat in the american home. The third plate is a simple plate from Europe. Over there they have tiny meals through out the day where as in America we have three big square meals a day. Not only is the food on the plate unhealthy but it is blown way out of porportion. In America we have trained outselves to eat and sustain big portions of food. And when we buy healthy food we complain about the small portions and big prices, where in actuality those are the portions that are supposed to be consumed instead of an over sized bag of chips. The government does not force us to eat these things. Nor do they force us to eat certain portions. Nor do they force us to buy only unhealthy foods. What we can do is use our power as the people and stop handicapping ourselves when it comes to what we consume. If we make the effort to buy more healthy options as a whole, the markets will have no choice but to keep on supplying the healthy items while all the junk and cancer-causing food companies go out of business. And when you think the portion of healthy food is too small remember that it’s the correct portion, and the rest is supposed to be filled up by water. Not life threatening sodas or juices. The power is in your wallet. Not in D.C.


Down with Democracy

What is Democracy? Democracy is a form of government that lets their citizens have rights and free will and believe that decisions are in power of the people. Other countries have marvelled at the U.S.A because of our government, and our freedom. Any average U.S citizen knows that we are not all equal, and that the government is influenced by powerful beings. Everyone sees this as negative because that means the majority of the decisions are made by rich people or people who have big influence in the government. We created the government to serve us, that was supposed to be its job but it has turned out that the government is controlling us and making us think that it is our own decision. What people need to realize is Democracy is not a good form of government and should be eliminated because the majority of the people make it dysfunctional.


Democracy does not work. We are not all equal, all of us have different views, and when it comes to making decisions for a whole country those decisions shouldn’t be put in charge of the masses. That’s why elections and national decisions are rigged in the first place. And just because Democracy is supposed to work for what the majority wants, it does not work for what the majority NEEDS.  Democracy is not the smartest way a nation can operate.


“The main thing that makes democracy wrong is that it doesn’t seek out what is best for the citizens, but simply does what the majority of the citizens want. If the majority wants cigarettes given to babies, cigarettes are given to babies, without regard to the harm they cause.” –


The U.S is a prime example of this. Take Presidential Elections for instance, the majority vote for the President that can make his/her deal sound sweet. They don’t think about the effects the decisions would have, and they don’t think about the realities of it. This is why we put politics and Presidents in charge. We pay them to sit in their offices and think logically. “The People” do not think logically as one. We are not trained to like politics are. We the People vote and decide based on an emotional response. We have been this way for hundreds of years.


“Let’s be honest here: mankind has not evolved much since the Stone Age. Yes, we have tamed the forces of nature and discovered a lot of things—and this Internet business is amazing. But human nature remains the same, more or less. We still think in tribal terms, “my people vs. your people”. Call it class struggle, xenophobia, nationalism, or whatever you like—the thing is that most of us identify with one group or another, and almost every meaningful group has alliances or enmities with other groups. This is part of human nature, and can work peacefully . . . or not.

In a democracy, tribal mentality is very dangerous, because it will make you vote “for your team” instead of voting according to issues. That means that whoever leads “your team” can rest assured that they have your vote, and instead of focusing on your interests, they can proceed to deal with their own. Unfair legislation can be passed if there are vocal groups in the majority (by oppressing the minority) or in the minorities (by entitling them to privileges that the majority can’t enjoy).” –

The people only think for themselves. They are so focused with in their own wants and their own desires that they don’t think logically about the issues that are going on around them. And then when things go wrong they want to blame their leaders, the only people who are actually thinking logically. This is why the people shouldn’t be making desicions for their own country because they don’t know what’s actually good for America or themselves. They are too spoiled and self centered. Because they react on emotional responses they lack the self control to think logically and realistically. The people of America cannot be trusted to speak and decide for themselves and the idea of Democracy should be eliminated.


“Although everyone is well intentioned, an inadequately informed majority may produce poor decisions that may affect everyone. It could be a specified problem every time there are involved policies for enactment, which have complex and subtle implications. While the majority, by definition, is not the most greatly educated group, masses’ education becomes the limiting factor within the efficiency of the democracy.” –

The people want things to happen that humans cannot preform. They want politicains to do things that they themselves cannot do.


“Could it be if politics has a problem or if it’s failing… then it’s too easy to blame the politicians. Could it be that actually the public are to blame because I can’t help but think sometimes the public are fickle. They want pain-free solutions to complex problems when none exist. They don’t want politicians they want supermen and superwomen who will come and find that magic wand, that technological fix, that pain free solutions to the problems we all face.. when none exist.” -Matthew Flinders (watch the whole video here:


The issue with Democracy, is that freedom comes with responsibilities. And the people want their freedoms but are not willing to take any responsibilities for the outcomes. A Democracy is half and half. Government to the people. People to the government.  But the people, cannot think as one nor can they make good decisions for themselves. That’s what the experts and the politicians are for.

White America, what is it in 2014?


Brown. Ferguson. Shot. Dead. These are the words that we hear circulate around our ears until they bleed from the constant scratching of the media. We hear about the sad story of Mike Brown. How he was fatally shot by a cop that did not give a hoot, and how his body was indeed left out on the street for 4.5 hours. We hear about how this is inhumane, and an attack on the Black race from the White race and about how their struggle has been going on for years. The view on white people and cops has created friction recently. This chapter is about this friction and about the topic of being white in this country. What is “white” America and is it really how we perceive it? Do white people really have pros and privileges that the rest of us do not have? What does it mean to be Caucasian in a country where you are seen as the winning race? Why is it that when it comes to the white race we automatically assume they all have better lives or always have it better than we do?


Having heard about Trayvon Martin in the previous year, that was the cake. What happened to Michael Brown was the icing. He was a teenager who was shot by a policeman twelve times. There were two sides to this story. The first side was that Michael was with a friend, and they were approached and harassed by the cop. The cop was pushed and the boys began to run away. Michael’s friend got away, but he was shot and as he was on the ground begging the cop not to shoot because he was unarmed, and with that he was shot to death. The other story was that the cop did approach them and cussed at them while commanding them to get on a wall. A confrontation happened which resulting in physical hitting and ended with one of the boys getting away. The other, shot to death.


Aside from that, another case of a New York man, also African American, was the figure on top of the iced cake. As the story goes, he too was unarmed but forced to the ground and choked to death. He claimed that he couldn’t breathe and he also had asthma but the cop put him in an illegal choke hold anyway and killed him. This most recent case has struck many fires in people’s hearts, causing riots and fights and speaking out against white male cops. Because of this, tension between white people and black people has risen (especially against white cops.) Whites have been accused of racism and that the Black Race is always oppressed and always will be oppressed… but is that the case now in 2014?

Man choked

Fighting for justice

White people…


“You’re white. You’re probably from Europe, wear uggs, and are blind to racism, quote Marilyn Monroe, and want to be an at home soccer mom.”

 …are the majority of this country. Yes. But does that necessarily mean that they do not have problems with race?

Vk 1

“Who are you to teach OUR children?”

(Aside from being “racist” as many people claim they are.) “The Whiteness Project” is a project that talks about the experiences of white people and this country. It’s very unique because it actually has white people volunteering to speak about their fears, how they feel, and about their ups and downs about being white. One elderly man spoke about how he was refused a job simply because he was white. Not something you hear everyday right? Usually it is a non-white citizen that complains about not getting a job because of their race. This man scored very well, but was denied his job because of the color of his skin and because he was part of the majority. “And I scored well on the exams and stuff but didn’t get picked for the apprenticeship to enter those fields because the minorities had to fill them because of quota status so that’s my own personal experience with that. Which I felt cheated, it wasn’t fair they took the same test I did, didn’t score as well….. and got bypassed because of minority requirements.” How would someone explain this? Mostly likely saying that he was upset because he didn’t get the job and that white people already have everything. In reality he was well more equipped than the minorities, not because he was white but because he had more knowledge on the subject. Is this not a form of racism? The racism against whites have been increasing and no one seems to care because apparently “whites” have it all too well. We cannot heal as a country if ALL types of racism seem to persist.